LDB Supply, LLC

LDB SUPPLY, LLC does not sell any manufacturer's products directly to consumers or dealers.

CONSUMERS: please contact your local firearms retailer

DEALERS: please contact your regular distributor

LDB is proud to be a part of the American tradition of gun ownership and we look forward to partnering responsibly with gun makers, distributors and retailers to maintain that tradition for future generations.
At LDB Supply, we know that truly successful gun distributors are the ones that recognize value, choose product lines wisely, and never lose sight of the retailer’s needs.

Our commitment to the gun retailer is simple: to make the experience of selling and servicing firearms as easy and painless as possible. That means providing a gun that the shooter wants, and standing behind that product long after the sale.

LDB is committed to bringing to market good products at good prices backed by industry leading service to our dealers and distributors.  Our success is tied directly to the success of our customers.

Together we can help lead new shooters, experienced shooters, and other proud American citizens down the road of safe, affordable, fun and responsible firearms use and ownership.


North Sylva Booking Conference
NASGW Annual Meeting
AcuSport Business Conference
Big Rock Sports Dealer Show
Ellett Brothers Dealer Show
Hicks, Inc. Dealer Show
NRA Annual Meeting
and more...

LDB Supply is proud to be the exclusive marketer and distributor for these fine manufacturers:



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